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Birch Capital Investment

The “Birch Tree” increased the quality of life for many people, one of its greatest uses was shelter, and with fast growing reproductive roots it is beautifully proportioned.  The “Birch Tree” symbolises growth, renewal, stability, initiation and adaptability.  Birch Capital was inspired by the “Birch Tree”,  with an operating culture and service philosophy which is straightforward; we put clients first.  We hold ourselves to highest service standards, put clients above profits, revenue, commission, or any other source of income.

Our Mission

We strive to produce superior risk adjusted returns, provide strategically innovative investment opportunities with a bias towards socially responsible allocations in the alternative asset management space.  Birch Capital has a unique investment screening process, in addition to the traditional investment matrix, we focus on environmental, social, governance and ethical factors as well as financial requirements.  We equip our clients with investment guidance driven by their objectives, and strategic goals.  Our firm furnishes clients with investment due diligence support, choice asset allocation mix, and risk management strategies.

Company Profile

Birch Capital is an investment company and one-hundred percent employee owned business located in the City of Newport Beach, California.  We are the provider of choice for asset management, investment management, and advisory.  Our customer relationship has grown from our excellent customer service, investment management expertise, and financial advisory experience.  The roots of our business stem from providing outstanding customer service; we push to exceed our customer’s expectations on an ongoing basis.  The institution of continuous customer service also involves innovative technology, providing our customers a competitive market advantage.

Our Clients Are:

  • High Net-Worth Individuals and Business Owners
  • College Endowments
  • Foundations and Non-Profit Groups
  • Corporate and Government Pension Funds
  • For-Profit Corporate Investors
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Publicly Traded Companies